The Huffish Story

My name is Charlotte Sandell and I am a true animal lover. I have grown up with different kinds of animals in my home, dogs, horses, rabbits, birds and more. In 1985 when I was 13 years old, I sold my NewForest Pony and bought my first Standard Poodle. That was the foundation bitch for Huffish Standard Poodles, Ch. Arcadian´s Supreme Woman, “Annie”.

I have been around to different breeders in many different breeds, but mostly Poodlebreeders. I got to learn more about grooming and clipping the poodles. 1989 I came in contact with Margareth Vear, Racketeer Poodles. She shared her experience and knowledge about most of the poodles and its history, Margareth has been a real mentor for me through the years. In 1991 she let me be part of the presentation, grooming and handling of Swedens Dog Of The Year All Breeds, Ch. Racketeer Exquisit Sinner, “H´san”. What a Year! What a Team and what an experience it was! It was and will always be unforgettable!

1992 I followed H´san to England and to the Vanitonia kennel, I groomed and presented him to his English title. During this time in England I came in contact with Philip Langdon, Atastar kennel and Pat Ashwell, Torpaz kennel. That was during this time I planned the imports of the new dogs to my breeding programme which has been very important for the future of Huffish Poodles.

During the years I have been handling, Poodles, American Cockers, Lhasa Apsos, Golden Retrievers and several other breeds, very successful. I also groom, trim and clip all different breeds.

Some history how it all began, the rest you can follow on my homepage.

There is no breed that really touch my heart as much as the Poodle, especially the Standard Poodle. I am working hard for the breed, and the most valuable things are the health, mentality and the Poodle Attitude, the Attitude makes the Poodle.

There are no guaranties when you are working with living genes, but I know what I want and I do what I believe in! You can only try to do what you think is the best and hope it will be as good as you expected it to be.

For you who wants to get a Poodle, it takes a big portion of Humour to apreciate the Poodles!


/Charlotte Sandell, Huffish Kennel


The four dogs that stands the ground of the Huffish poodles;

Ch Arcadian Supreme Woman Ch. Racketeer Exquisit Sinner Ch. Torpaz Mista Motivator Ch. Torpaz It´ll Be All White

From left: Ch. Arcadian´s Supreme Woman, Ch. Racketeer Exquisit Sinner, Ch. Torpaz Mista Motivator and Ch. Torpaz It´ll Be All White