2010.10.27 - A short summary of what has been going on

A lot of happenings since the update on the homepage but you can always follow the latest news and more details on the blogg

Rocky is currently (september 2010) #1 Dog of The Year in Sweden!!

Lotta and Rocky, photo Maria Modig

USCH, SECH, SE V-10, NOUCH, WW-09, DKUCH,DK V-09 MBIS, MSBIS Huffish Intensive Care "Rocky" is currently Top Dog in Sweden (september 2010). We are very proud to represent Sweden at the Eukanuba World Challenge in Long Beach California, this is December 2010!!

During 2010 Rocky is shown 21 times with results:
18 BOB
9 Group-1
4 Allbreed BIS
1 Specialty BIS
1 BIS-2
1 BIS-3
2 BIS-5

Puppies born on the 1st of September 2010


Int & Norduch Racketeer Street Poetry "Kira" had her litter with WW-2010, USCH, SECH, FIUCH, DKUCH Dacun Kaylen´s He´s A Heartbreaker "Thomas". Seven black puppies, 3 males anf 4 females. They are all spoken for.

Kira and Thomas has shown in their last litters that they are great producers, both brain and looks!
We are looking forward to follow this litter this is Thomas last litter as he left us to go back to his showcareer in the US in July 2010.

3 x WW titles at the World Show in Herning 2010

We got biggest success at the World Show in Herning!!

Ch. Diego Da Maya started to win the Championclass in front of his friend Ch. Huffish Intensive Care "Rocky".
Huffish Back In Business "Chris" Diegos and Emmas son won the Juniorclass and got his Junior World Winner Title.
Ch. Dacun Kaylen´s He´s A Heartbreaker won openclass with his owner Kay L Peiser from the US.
Huffish Da Maya Woman "Rachel" won the Juniorclass and got her Junior World Winner Title. Sister to Chris.

Finally Ch. Dacun Kaylen´s He´s A Heartbreaker won the Breed and World Winner 2010!
He also got 2nd in the Group behind the BIS winning Toypoodle! Diego got second to Thomas in the males.

So we couldnt ask for more. Congratulations to Toshi and his BIS winning Toypoodle. Multich. Smash JP Talk About

BIS at the Swedish Poodle Show in Malmö

Ch. Huffish Intensive Care "Rocky" got BIS!!! He beat the BIS winning Toy Poodle Ch. Smash JP Talk About! Thank you Doris Cozart!
Huffish After Dark "Danny" won the huge Juniorclass in males, 2nd were Huffish Heartbreaking Holiday "Tim"
Ch. Dacun Kaylen´s He´s A Heartbreaker "Thomas" 2nd best male.
Ch. Diego Da Maya "Diego" got 5th best male.
Huffish Da Maya Woman "Rachel" won the Juniorclass and the CAC, 2nd best female after the Max daughter from Russia. Multich. Smart Connection Maxima. Rachel also got BIS Junior at the show.

We also won BIS breeders group! It was a very very long day but worth it all! Thanks to all for the help. Katarina, Camilla, Kay and all others!

2010.05.10 - Rocky goes BIS again!!!

Larv the 9th of May Multich. Huffish Intensive Care "Rocky" went BOB and Group 1, under judge Mr Åke Cronander.
Finally he was BIS for Mr Espen Engh.

Baby "Rachel", Huffish Da Maya Woman, got her first CC and went BOS!

Thank you for the judges that commented them as true Poodles!

In Norway Ch. Kudos Ali got BOB, he is a litterbrother to our Ch. Kudos Ami! Congratulations!
In Serbia Rockys littersister Anna got CAC and BOB! Congratulations to the owners!

Huffish Da Maya Woman


2010.05.10 - Puppy news

These two puppies are by Hollie and Diego; Huffish Made for Headlines, "Bonnie" and Huffish Headline News, "Clyde".
Pictured 10 weeks of age.

Bonnie & Clyde
Bonnie to the left and Clyde to the right

Huffish On Racketeer Street, "Maggie" is the young bitch we kept from Ch. Racketeer Street Poetry and Ch. Diego Da Maya.
Pictured here at 9 months of age by the young talanted Kristy Bello. Watch for her at the dogshows to get some pictures of your dogs.

Huffish On Racketeer Street


2010.05.10 - Spring news

I am very happy to say that soo many are reading my blog and are so positive about it. I will try my best to keep it alive. We have been quite busy with baby William, the dogs and shows, a reason why the updates has been coming late. But, we have done very well at the dogshows this spring:

Poodle Specialty Show, Näshulta. Judge Gunilla Skallman. Huffish Black Business, "Elvis" got his second CAC and were BOS. Congratulations to his owner Karin Johansson that looks after his condition so perfect.

Huffish Black Business

International Show in Malmö. Multich. Huffish Intensive Care "Rocky" got CACIB and went BOS

Huffish Intensive Care

Stockholm International Show, judge Mr Lee Coxall of Vanitonia Poodles. Multich. Huffish Intensive Care, "Rocky" CACIB, BOB
Huffish Da Maya Woman, "Rachel" Runner up Best Bitch from the junior class!

Huffish Da Maya Woman

Västerås, National Show, judge Mr Torbjörn Skaar. Multich Huffish Intensive Care "Rocky" BOB and 4th in the group under Mr Henrik Johansson.

International Show in Denmark, Hilleröd. Judge Mr Gunnar Nyman Ch. Dacun Kaylen´s He´s A Heartbreaker, "Thomas" CAC, CACIB and BOB. Now he is also a Danish and International Champion!

Ch Dacun Kaylen's He's A Heartbreaker


2010.02.07 - We have a blogg!

Visit the blog at or just click the button in the menu above.



2010.02.06 - A short history of the World Famous Top Producer Ch. Torpaz It´ll Be All White "Romeo"

During 1995 I sent "Romeos" black father Ch. Huffish Just A Gigolo to the Torpaz lady, Pat Ashwell.
He stayed there for 1 year to be mostly bred from. After he came back Pat had kept this white young dog and my friends Christina Johansson, Sandust Poodles and also Mikael Nilsson, Kudos Poodles saw him at Crufts when he was shown as a youngster. They really liked him a lot.
Pat asked me if I wanted him over to be shown. I didnt need to think for a long while. So he came. At that time he was a very controversial dog, very extreme for the Scandinavian countries and a lot of breeders didnt like him at all. So many bad things were said about him.

This is why you have to be strong as a breeder and follow your instincts! He was a super producer to my bitches and he is almost behind all my present dogs although 3-4 generation back now. He also produced the World Famous "King" Ch. Topscore Contradiction that doesn't need any presentation more than he was BIS at Crufts!

After this win Romeo was suddenly a very hot project and wanted back by his breeder to England after being with me for 5 years. He was used in England a couple of times and produced another World Famous Dog, "Donny" Ch. Afterglow the Big Tease. He was R-BIS at Crufts!

Both King and Donny has been Dog of The Year in both Norway and England beside all the other wins they have done. As Pat is over 80 years old and struggles with her health Romeo has his last time with my friend Philip Langdon, Atastar Poodles.
I am so happy for the dog, I have been to see him and as you can see he still has a smile on his face. He is turning 14 years in August!

Thank you Philip for giving Romeo this time and thank you Romeo for what you have done for the Standard Poodles!

Romeo pictured in January 2010 at Atastar Poodles


2010.02.06 - Puppies expected 20th of February 2010

We are expecting a litter of Black Standard Poodle puppies around the 20th of February.

SECH, DE CH, SV-09 Cotian A Huffish Holiday "Hollie" is mated to Swedens Topwinning Standard Poodle 2009 and Topwinner in group 9 in Sweden 2009; USCH, SECH, NCH-NV-09 Diego Da Maya "Diego".

Both parents are hipscored and eyetested. SA test is to be done now in February 2010.

Interested? Contact us for more information.

USCH SECH NCH-NV-09 Diego Da Maya and SECH DE CH, SV-09 Cotian A Huffish Holiday

Watch out for more updates off to a Specialty Show Sunday the 7th of February. Huffish Da Maya Woman, "Rachel" will be at her first show. She is out of Ch. Huffish Believe In Woman "Emma" and "Diego".


2010.02.06 - Meet our pomeranians!

Finally we took some pictures of our Princesses, "Anita" and "Minnie". They are mostly laying on the sofa with us while we are relaxing in front of the TV. Eventually we will show them this year as they start to look nice!

Anita & Minnie
Djurtorps Minnie "Minnie" and Callevys Voulez Vous "Anita"


2010.01.27 - Key to success!

As you all know, it takes a lot from the showdogs to compete and travel as much as we do with them. They have to be in great shape both in body and muscletone as in great coat and also the psycological part, keep the brain alert and active.
This is nothing you do the week before the show it has to continue everyday, every month around the year, from the start the puppy is born.
We believe that the right food together with the right excersise and special care for each individual is the key to success!

We breed and recommend the Norweigan food VOM OG HUNDEMAT.

Vom og hundematVom og Hundemat
Sverige/Enskede Hund & Katt
Nynäsvägen 339
122 34 Enskede
+46 8 648 2332 +46 70 777 3905


2010.01.15 - My Dog in Gothenburg

Ch. Huffish Intensive Care "Rocky" left with his dad Peter and handler Camilla Tell Collinge to help out with the proffessional part.

Saturday Rocky got CACIB and BOB under breed judge Kenneth Edh. Placed 3rd in the group.
Sunday another CACIB and BOB under Leif-Ragnar Hjort, 2nd in the group.

"Rocky" 2nd in Group at My Dog
Photo Tells

Thank you for all the support from all fans to Rocky. Its really nice to hear the nice compliments while you are sitting at home.
Also thank you Camilla I wish I could have been there to see you both in the ring!

Huffish Poker Face, "Paris" went BOB Puppie both days. Paris is by "Diego" and "Emma"

Huffish Poker Face, "Paris"

2010.01.06 - New year, blank page!

We're planning a blog where Lotta will be able to keep you updated with latest news directly from the shows. Link to come, please be patient.
Last years news can be found under 2009 button.


Thomas playing with Oscar